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Merkel Brags ‘EU Military Can be BIGGER Than United States’

What does Angela Merkel have to brag about? It is about time the EU took over its own defense. America has only been doing it for them since 1918 or thereabout. But, why make the statement “We can be bigger than the United States”? Does she believe the EU is in competition with the US? Is she preparing to use her planned massive EU forces to attempt to force America into the Global One Government World?

Her remarks really do beg the question of why she is so willing to waste taxpayer money on armed forces larger than what is needed to protect Europe. Building an EU force that would complement the United States military, thus giving the Free World Allies the global advantage, seems to me to be the way to go. Unless Angela Merkel has designs on pulling the EU out of the alliance with the United States once she has the massive military she has envisioned.

Another thing that Angela Merkel seems to have overlooked is the reaction the EU building a force nearly three times as large, she mentions the EU with over 170 different weapon systems and the US with less than 60, as the United States military will evoke from their neighbor to the East. While Russia does not currently have the massive standing army the USSR could field in her prime, a crazy little man with a bad mustache once failed to give the Russian people credit for their own patriotism and love for their country.

I have seen no evidence that convinces me the Russian people would be any less patriotic now as then and a military force three times as powerful as the US Military, stationed permanently within spitting distance of the EU/Russian border, will probably fire up an arms race and put the people of EU in much more danger than they are currently in. Right now there are only two great dangers to the Western Alliance. The first is China which has elected to set the stage to become the most powerful nation in the world by using blackmail to gain Western technology from greedy Western corporations that would rather turn over their proprietary technology than pass up the billions of possible new customers in China. China has used that technology to implant their own secret code within items sold back to the Western nations.

The second great danger to Western civilization is the Muslim migration into the EU, Great Britain, and on a smaller scale, so far, to the United States and Canada. Some researchers have concluded that the EU is already past the point where the trend could be reversed and within just two generations the entire EU will see the majority of their citizens be Muslims. From that point, with 5.3 to 2.7 births per family advantage, it will not take a great amount of time before the EU is composed of almost entirely Muslim people. Current reports from Austria show that the majority of children in elementary classes in the Austrian School System are Muslim.

It looks to me that Angela Merkel’s time and effort and EU taxpayer money would be better spent working to find solutions to these two great dangers the world is facing rather than to let her pride take her citizens further into danger of extinction. I understand that her feelings were hurt by comments made by the US President. She should try to understand that the American Conservatives voted for him because of the fact that he is not a smooth speaking, slick lifelong politician. The corruption in the United States government is very real and would have gotten much worse if another President had been elected that would have overlooked the growing corruption, or worse, had added to it.

President Trump has no designs on abandoning our European Allies and he positively has no designs on any military acts against any of America’s allies. Even if a United States President had a desire to attack our Allies, there is not a military commander in our military service who would not question the legality and wisdom of such an order. Yes, President Trump has questioned the cost of American protection of Europe while many European nations were not contributing the agreed upon percentage of their GDP to their own protection, but in large measure that was brought on by the dying Conservative Middle Class in America questioning all of our nation’s overseas spending while the largest class of American taxpayers was largely disappearing.

Mrs. Merkel, I ask you to do the same as I have asked the leaders of the Liberal party in our nation to do. Look around at the EU. Take notice of the changes that have taken place in the past two decades. At the same time ask yourself the question, ‘Is the price your nation and her citizens have paid and are paying worth what the Progressive One World Government movement has brought to your nation?’

Can White People Survive?

For some time now there have been posts, tweets, and rumors going around the internet concerning Muslim plans to take over the area now occupied by Europe, North and South America, better known throughout much of the world as Western civilization.   In addition to the posts, tweets, and rumors, there have been several expose-all books written by people who have left the Muslim religion after being exposed to Christianity and/or the Western Civilization they had been taught their entire life to hate.  I decided to do some actual research on the subject to see if there is enough reliable evidence to be sure one way or the other if this is true.

A Facebook post lead me to an offsite page with a link to an article published in the Demographics section of the News on the LifeSite website, on August 11, 2017, by Pete Baklinski.  The article reviews a video commentated by Mark Steyn, wherein Steyn says that Western Europe is already in its death throes, brought about because of the higher birth rate of Muslim immigrants when compared to local populations in Europe.  

Steyn says that while many believe this will take a long time, it will only take two generations for the current Muslim population in Europe to match the number of grandchildren born to the Christian secularist population that currently makes up 90% of the entire population.  Steyn says the process is well underway and will happen very fast.   Steyn makes the claim that this is not a prediction, not a trend that may lead to a Muslim takeover but instead a counting of the heads sitting in the classes of European classrooms, now.  

Quoted statistics from the Vienna Institute of Demography, Steyn says, predict that with current numbers a majority of Austrians under the age of 15 will be Muslim.  It was only a few years ago that Austria had a 90% Catholic population.  In the article, Steyn says this is the most important news of this century but it is being ignored by almost everyone.

In July of 2017, Telsa CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk tweeted that “The world’s population is accelerating towards collapse, but few seem to notice or care.”  In March of the same year, Musk told CNNMoney that the world “should be concerned about demographic implosion.”  Steyn is saying that Muslims are steadily filling the space left empty by this implosion.

What do you think?  Leave a comment and let me know.  I will continue my research and post it right here on this Blog.

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