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The following paragraph is a part of an article published in on Natural News website and republished in part on Explain Life website today in calling for the President to declare a National Emergency, activate the American Militia and perhaps even the military which is legal as there is an active coup being attempted by the Deep State.
“Call for citizens to occupy and dismantle the enemy propaganda operations (NY Times, WashPost, CNN, etc.) and enemy tech giants which are conspiring with the journo-terrorists to overthrow America and silence all patriots. This list would naturally include Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple and many others who have taken part in a massive, coordinated conspiracy to destroy freedom of speech for Trump supporters. (These tech giants have also committed coordinated economic sabotage against all Trump supporters across the independent media.)
Tech giants and “enemy media” are no longer operating in good faith; they are not part of civil society.  Remember, the tech giants and media giants are not operating in good faith and are deliberately working against the American people. Media organizations that deliberately lie to the public have no right to operate in a civil society. Tech giants that deliberately censor speech to silence the political opponents of the authoritarian Left have no right to operate in a free society. Those institutions that deliberately work to poison the minds of the people while silencing freedom of expression for selected political targets must be identified as enemies of our society and halted from carrying out further damage.”  Sunday, January 27, 2019 by: 
After seeing 29 vested FBI agents storm Roger Stone’s house with weapons raised to arrest him for POSSIBLY lying to Congress, while James Comey, who admitted lying to Congress and to leaking classified information, Hillary Clinton, who lied to Congress as well as destroyed evidence she knew was under subpoena have never had to answer for their crimes.
Stroz and his lover, who both lied to Congress, Mueller and the FBI for destroying 19,000 emails under subpoena have so far gotten off scot-free. Brennan, Clapper, and McCabe all lied about the FISA Warrants and their involvement in obtaining them and all sit and call the President a criminal without a shred of evidence to back up their claims.
Obama broke banking laws when he turned over American Cash to Iran, Hillary and Mueller along with everyone else involved in selling our Uranium to Iran via Russia should have been arrested and indicted long ago and would have been if the FBI and DOJ were doing their job.
The article delves much deeper into the case against the Deep State. It is obvious that he is correct on all his talking points. The public has seen most of the information on National Television and as long as it is considered with an open mind it is very difficult to argue against.
I spoke up months ago and said that the direction the Democrats were being led could very easily get to a point resulting in armed conflict and I am not the only person who has said it. I pray that the Democrats will stop the insane plans they have for attempting to take over the government by getting rid of the President and Vice President with false accusations and a very corrupt FBI and DOJ.
Personally, I don’t think the majority of Americans would sit still and allow it to happen whether the President declared an emergency and called for veterans and police officers to honor their oath or not. If the Democrats continue to follow the Deep State down the pathway to a godless, immoral, and totally corrupt existence they may find they have fewer followers than they currently believe they have.
I will continue to pray that God will open their eyes and their hearts so they might realize that Satan is using them to do his work.